Literary Services


Tri-Pebble Literary Services provides proofing, editing and writing services to help you achieve your goals. Our services can assist you in writing your novel, editing your college application essays, proofing academic projects, or writing/editing industry reports and newsletters.

Client Comments:

“Amazing Work, Dr. Stone Norton!”

“Now, when I’m writing, I think, ‘What would Amanda say about this?'”

Tri-Pebble services include:

•Substantive Editing (Rearranging, deleting, adding, rewording)
•Line Editing (Review of grammar, spelling, plot, characterization, flow)
•Proofreading (Basic review of grammatical and spelling errors)
•Ghost writing (articles, chapters, books)
•Freelance writing (articles, newsletters, grant writing, technical/trade, chapters, books)

Getting started is easy. Send an e-mail to and let me know what type(s) of services you need. From there, we will outline a plan for your project, which will include an initial review of your manuscript, one or two pages of edits (allowing you to see my work) and a quote for services. Typically, I ask for a 50% deposit to begin the work with the remainder paid upon delivery of the final product, but we can negotiate payment in ways that might better meet your needs; for example, paying for one chapter at a time.

Prices and times to complete services vary and will be negotiated based on the needs of individual projects; however, most projects fall within the following ranges:

• Substantive Editing | 1-5 pages per hour | $0.10-$0.20 per word
• Line Editing | 2-6 pages per hour | $0.03-$0.10 per word
• Proofreading | 5-10 pages per hour | $0.02-$0.03 per word

As for other writing projects, we can negotiate costs and timelines.