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Madeleine Morales’s name changed forever the day she fell into Bill’s Pond. Covered in mud and muck, this eleven-year old Latina emerged from the murky water with a new name, Muddy Madeleine—but everyone calls her Muddy.

Muddy oozes with curiosity and her friends aren’t surprised when they discover she’s smitten with the scariest looking spider any of them have ever seen. Together, with the help of their fifth-grade teacher, Ms. Villegas, and Muddy’s parents, the young scientists investigate Hilandera’s zigzaggin’ zipper and ‘blood-thirsty’ diet. But the adventure takes a serious turn when Muddy finds Hilandera missing and the friends struggle to find out what happened to the giant arach-a-doo.

MUDDY MADELEINE MEETS AN ARACH-A-DOO is a chapter book for K-5th graders that creatively weaves together science and language arts in a bi-lingual setting, forming a unique and comical adventure for a multicultural audience.


Stone Norton’s debut chapter book introduces us to Muddy Madeleine, an exceptionally bright and witty 5th grader. Young readers will immediately relate to her humor and will be enamored with her zest for learning, especially about living creatures. Parents and educators will appreciate the authentic elements of multiculturalism and gender equity as well as the two-way, bilingual, conversational Spanish usage. Stone Norton is an intuitive and gifted writer, and she has created a character that will leave young readers eagerly awaiting the next adventures of Muddy Madeleine!

Gina Anderson, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Teacher Education
Texas Woman’s University